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We as manufacturers for suction excavators and special suction technologies have produced mobile and stationary suction systems for more than 25 years. Each of our products is matched to the respective application area exactly. You as a customer choose the transport vehicle, the fan capacity, container size and many other details. 


RSP suction excavators are excellently suited for rapid use in the field of underground supply cables. They are established as a gentle excavation method for repair or cleaning work. Instead of arduous physical work with shovel and air hammer or the risky use of an excavator, the available soil is simply suctioned away with the suction excavator.

The use of suction excavators is more than 16 times more effective than conventional excavation methods and replaces the time and cost-intensive work done by hand in different sectors. Suction excavators are safe, very fast on site, ready for immediate use, operate in an environmentally harmless way, offer a high level of industrial safety, require little space and suck through small openings. They always leave behind a clean construction site and ensure that fewer machines and deployment of personnel are necessary. Instead of 3 workers, an excavator and a truck you only need one suction excavator & an operator.

Whether you are searching for an agile solution for town centres or a particularly large and powerful suction excavator for special excavations or industrial sector. In principle, the superstructure can be carried on all truck types.

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ESE 8 RD 8000
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RSP suction excavators are used efficiently where a high risk of damage prevents the use of hydraulic excavation technology or the environmental conditions do not allow this.

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